Random value ranges ATS

Hey, Instead of using a dataset to fill field values in ATS, is it possible to use random values or value ranges (e.g. between 1-1000) as well? Kathy
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Hi Emily,
The best way to solve the 'no delete, but also no duplicates'-problem is to add a timestamp to the value that you would like to set.


To do this, use the Get Current DateTime String action:

Subsequently, concatenate this value with the string you want ("Plan"):

Finally, use the Set Value action with the concatenated string that is returned from step 2:


(Of course, if you want a unique number before the string, just switch fields 1 and 2 in the Concatenate String action.


Best regards,
Joris van der Heijden
ATS Consultant @ Mansystems


Hey Kathy,

Yes this is possible, there are Actions available (called Random String and Random Number) that generate random strings with specifiable pre- or postfixes and length, or random numbers within a range of choice.

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Does anyone have a screen capture of how to set a random string in a textBox field? 
I am testing a portion of our software, that doesn't allow duplicates, but we also aren't allowed to delete anything. 

I can't seem to get my test case to run successfully more than once.

What I intend to have here is a Plan name generated starting with "plan" in my set value, then prefixing by 01. My assumption is that it goes on up from there...

But clearly i did something wrong.