Debug acceptance environment?

Hi everyone!  I'm running in to a bug that I can't reproduce when I run my app locally. I know there's an option to use breakpoints with the debugger from the mendix cloud.  I've followed these steps: But how do I start the application and let the breakpoints do their work? Debugger shows its connected. When I connected it, it disabled the breakpoints. I've enabled them again. How do I tell the acceptance environment that I want to use the breakpoints from my local set-up? 
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If you have problems by copying the URL and password. Copy them to an editor because it could be possible that you have line breaks in. On the editor you can copy only the text again.


If you have connected the debugger with a cloud url & password like bellow, the debugger is connected to the cloud. It indeed turns off the breakpoints, when you enable it again they are connected to the cloud and if you trigger the action the breakpoint will be triggered.


Are you sure you are connected to the Acceptance environment? 

You need to enable your environment to be used to debug here:

With the details given to you, you fill in this form. (you can find it in your modeller)

Once you hit OK, your breakpoints are disabled, reset them and click the correct MF button to activate them.