ATS Testing Session Timeout

I’m doing some automated testing using ATS. Whenever I try to set the value of a textbox, I always get a timeout message after 1 minute. The name of the box is the correct one (using ATS Helper to get widget name), and the type of data I am inputting is a string.   Here is a screenshot of how I am using it   What other reason could there be for this error?
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Dear Rafill,

Can you show me how you use the action in ATS by posting a screenshot?
One common cause for ATS not being able to recognize a widget is that the widget name is not unique on the page. If you are familiar with the browser's console, you can open that and use a jQuery statement to find all elements on the page with the (full) selector that you use (where you replace “textBox1” with the name of your widget.


If you show me a screenshot of the action and the result of the jQuery in the console, I can try to help you out.

With kind regards,
Joris van der Heijden
ATS Consultant @ Mansystems