SAP Mendix test application Runtime Error locally

Hey guys, I am new to SAP Mendix and was following this simple step by step guide to create a Master Detail Sales Order application. When I run the app locally, it does so without any errors, but when I open it on the browser, I get the following System administrator error and no data displays. I don’t know if its related to system admin rights, because I made the changes to it and open it on the admin Id, but still the problem persists. Any help is appreciated. Regards. Link to the tutorial app I followed:    
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 it seems that your odata service is not authenticated to consume the service, seen there is a logon error message page, did you expect this? Probably not, then you have to rethink how you can authorize your app with the service (see authentication with odata at at 10.1)

normally i just except the json or so as the payload not the html