How to handle click on save button in order to continue rest of the ATS steps

Hi, I am trying to write ATS script for the screens stream and Business Unit as per attached screenshot "Stream.PNG" and "Business.PNG".                        Stream.PNG                                                                                                                                             Business.PNG            There are validaitons in the stream entry screen as shown in screenshot "Streamentry.PNG". The screenshot teststep1.png,Setup Stream Ation Steps.PNG shows the steps.I am facing an issue with test steps as the save button in the "Streamentry.PNG" triggers validaitons msg and because of which "Business Unit" test steps are not able to run.So can let me know how to achieve this or what steps needs to be added.I am stuck at this place.                                                            Streamentry.PNG                                                                               TestCase Steps                                                                                                                             Setup Stream Action steps    
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Your test script looks good. I am guessing here but is it possible that there is custom logic (either javascript or microflow) that does not allow setting certain values for display name and internal name.

The validation messages seems to imply as much “blank (white) spaces are not allowed”

If you do this manually does it work?