User Switcher refuses to display

I’m attempting to get through the Rapid Developer learning path, Lesson 9.4.1 – Testing Security. I can find no reason for it, but the User switcher will not display no matter what I try. I found a similar question from about a year ago, but the answer… didn’t help. And I’m out of ideas. These are the user roles defined for the app: This is the Demo User setup I run locally, and view in responsive browser, logging in as MxAdmin (this much works): But where there should be a user switcher… there is nothing.
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Hi James and Robert,

I was able to reproduce this bug and fixed it by updating Atlas UI resources. Make sure you stop your project before doing the update. You can perform the update by navigating to the app store (shopping basket at the top of your modeler), search on atlas, select Atlas UI Resources and download it (replace existing module). Hope this helps for you