ATS data test- same value for different textbox in one script

Hi, I am performing ATS data testing- on the same page- one widget with text box changes if I change the value of reference selector. For example: if I select  referenceSelector1 with value A – there is textBox1 if I select  referenceSelector1 with value B – textBox2 appears …..textBox3 …..textBox4 and so on. PS: given widget name at step 12 is wrong- I wrote “or” and all other widget name together for just to elaborate problem description or getting expected solution in similar kind of way. I want to create single script and want record the step that it must put given value either in textBox1 and if it fails then in textBox2 or 3 or in 4 Can somebody tell, how I can do that?  
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Hi, If I understand your case it’s about using a precondition for set value to an specified widget .

However please submit a request in Mendix Support site for an possible solution.