Uploading file on ATS test Script

Hi, my questions are referring to this document – https://docs.mendix.com/addons/ats-addon/ht-one-upload-file-using-ats#introduction Is it possible to upload file somewhere on internet and capture that file using ‘Set File Manager’ action? On the document, it is mentioned that file must be on the local machine. I am using local selenium, uploading my own file will only possible when I prepare my own files on that server. But, then I do need to prepare these file again if I restart pc.    Can anybody suggest simple way to upload files on ATS test script?   Thanks!   Regards Siddharth 
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Hi Siddharth,


  1. Set File Manager action is for local files only
  2. Why do you need to prepare your files again after a restart? In case of docker or kubernetes, you could use (persistent) storage volumes.