ATS Execute Javascript String Test Step

I’m trying to execute a Javascript string in ATS to attempt to pull a value from a field where the value is not present in the HTML element. I keep getting an error (javascript error: findElement is not defined) on this step. I understand from reading through documentation and the Mendix forum that a Return is necessary for the execute javascript string to work, however I’m struggling with how to do this properly. Does anyone have any insight, or if not, I would also appreciate if anyone could post an example of any successful “execute javascript string” step they have in a test case so I can have an idea of the proper syntax.  
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Hi Tyler,


ATS execute javascript action executed in the browser context of the app under test. Therefore there is no access to the selenium syntax that you are trying to execute. Instead, I suggest using more standard ATS features.

1 Find the element by CSS

2 Get the value using javascript