Learning Path Problem

Hi. Please help. I can’t follow the “Build an App in Mendix Studio” learning path for beginner. It seems like the layout is not right and when I try to add a task as instructed, which need to be assigned to me, there is no user in the drop down box. 
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Hi. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it a lot, specially for a beginner like me.

Anyway, I’m just following the instruction of the Learning Path: Build an App in Mendix Studio. But on Sec 2.2.1, it was supposed to look like this:

But it was like the image below, thus I cant proceed with the tutorial – 

Thanks for the advise though on entity-attribute. I’m now into another learning path subject (Become a Rapid Developer) – so I guess I will pick it up from there. This issue can be tagged as resolved. 


The layout is something you assign to a page, so a logical question is: have you assigned the correct layout to the page?

And to get a (list of) user(s) in the dropdown, check what entity-attribute the dropdown has assigned and check values that exist in the database for it.

These two are just kind of guesses to point you to possible problem solutions. If you want us to be able to help better, then give us the url to the learning path, specify exactly the exercise number where you go wrong, and add some screenshots of the pages, domain model and whatever you think is useful information.