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Customizing Mendix Charts with Plotly


Hi all, 

I've created my first ever Mendix video tutorial Customizing Mendix Charts!

Topics covered include:

It's my first Mendix tutorial video, so I'd appreciate any feedback/comments you have.


Great resource. Bookmarked!


This video, as well as the next video Advanced Chart Customisations with AnyChart ( are an extremely valuable resource to learn how to handle Mendix Charts and Any Charts. I had previously read the documentation and could not get a hold of all the concepts. Afterwards, I found these 2 videos and after watching them, I feel prepared to start my project with complex charts.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks Diego! I appreciate the feedback.

Nice one Matthew!

I've been struggling to get my data to render like I want it to using custom settings. It's a line diagram but hopefully with your tips I will succeed. Didn't know about the Chart Studio so that's already a big help!