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Customizable tab page title


Just like the Groupbox and Text widgets it would be great if we could create dynamic tab page titles. With this it is also possible to show a number of records that are visbile behind a tab, userful when you have a lot of tabs and the user just needs to check the ones that have some records behind it.

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We have started with fundamentally updating our client towards a ReactJS client. An important part of this is to create a more consistent and flexible way to work with containers. This will also include the Tab container.

For now, the Tab extension plugin can be used. However, we will take this into account.


You may already be aware of this, but I've used the Tab Extension widget from the app store to achieve this.  Example below:

Shout out to @andriessmit for this widget.


Isn't that already possible with the Tab Extension plugin?


This would be a nice feature indeed. Also to make the title more specific with dynamic data.