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Give Calypso legitimacy by adding to mendix app store


Anyone who is not the admin of their pc has to ask permission to install programs on their work pc's. Often it requires extra permissions and thus the admins naturally want to know where you're downloading from. Having the Calypso.exe in a dropbox does not exactly inspire confidence that it is, in fact, a legitimate ‘Atlas UI Product’ as the Mendix documentation says. (EDIT: It is referenced on the ATLAS UI website (thanks Tim) , but that also goes to the dropbox download)
If you want to promote Calypso as a tool to be used by developers and/or citizen developers unfamiliar with gulp/koala and such this could help a lot :)

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I ran into this also, it’s fairly common to block filesharing sites from corporate networks. While waiting for it to be integrated into the IDE can it just be hosted on the Mendix site?


Yeah I hear this often from clients that cant use it, due to dropbox being blocked.


@Tim van Steenbergen. I completely agree, integration of Calypso into the Mendix Studio (Pro) itself would be most ideal 


Mendix is doing well as an IDE, where the I stands for integrated. Studio has succeeded in integrating not only the domain model and program logic but also translation, stories, feedback, sprintr, debugging, security, images and documents.

All UI-stuff: css, sass, sass compilation, classes are left out. As a result everyone is installing other tools that do the job like grunt, gulp, koala and visual studio code and every now and then running into problems and having to switch tools arriving at a new project. Mendix would make all our lives easier if styling would be integrated too and Calypso seems the most logic choice.

Meanwhile I use VisualBasicCode with extension 'Live Sass compiler’ and a setting to make it store the resulting main.css and in the deployment-dir.

"liveSassCompile.settings.formats": [

        {"format": "expanded", "extensionName": ".css", "savePath": "/../../../deployment/web/styles/web/css/"},

        {"format": "expanded", "extensionName": ".css", "savePath": "/css"}



Ah you're right Tim, if you click the name it goes to the download in dropbox thought it would've gone to documentation. It isn't mentioned underneath downloads though. My mistake


Actually, it is referenced at the Atlas site. → About Atlas → Resources → Resources

But still just the Dropbox link. It really should be just incorporated in Studio Pro, as an option.