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getCaption(enumeration-item, language) and [%UserLanguage%]


I have to generate documents using templates and variables a lot and I need to generate dorcuments in different languages. hence the text variables I use need to be language dependant. Just user language won’t work because it is a document setting in which language it should be generated.

Using the language UI features of Mendix would be a tremendous treasure for me, e.g. the captions of enumerations in different languages. However, I just can use getCaption(Enum) and get the caption back in a user’s language.

If there would be a second version of getCaption, allowing me to pass a language string, it’ll work just fine.

getCaption(enum_countries-item;”DE-de”) would deliver “Deutschland” instead of Germany then. In case the “DE-de” caption does not exist, it would fall-back to the primary caption language.

Can you guys do this?


20 Jan 2020: Extension of the idea: Please provide a [%UserLanguage%] variable for the use in visibility / editablibilty expressions – it would help so much for the internationalization of database content!!!

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This ties into my pretty vague description of a new attribute type to store multi-language values.

Still think this is something Mendix could use.



The module ”Meta Model” offers the respective enumeration feature. In my forum entry “Makeover of Community Commons” I am suggesting to merge this feature into the Community Commons – please vote for it!


Leaves the [%UserLanguage%] session variable – considering that by now this idea has 29 votes, I’d love to see Mendix staff commenting on it! 



Good job!!