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30,00 is not a valid number according to mxui.js?

The specified value "30,00" is not a valid number. The value must match to the following regular expression: -?(\d+|\d+\.\d+|\.\d+)([eE][-+]?\d+)?

Dear Mendix, in 7.23.6 this is an issue, I have no idea whether this has been already fixed in later versions.

But having my input checked for being a decimal it would be really nice if it didn't matter whether it uses , or . for separation.

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The “Mendix search fields on decimals” issue was fixed in Mendix 8.4 https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/8.4

“We added support for decimal separators based on the user language in the data grid search input. (Ticket 90406)”

Not sure if you issue is too. Please, mx 8 and report issues like this to our support if it is not already fixed. Thanks


Mendix search fields on decimals also do not accept comma's they only work with dots and call comma values ‘not a valid number’, even when language is set to Dutch. (Mendix 8.3 was highest modeler I tested)


Anonymous users, and should be receiving default language (dutch)



This might depend on the locale you’re using?