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Make compiling theme optional in preferences.


Hi all,

Since Mendix 9, changes in theme files automatically restarts the app. This is great, but not very fast and it doesn't always work, so I am still using Calypso. However, if I save a theme file, Calypso compiles first and then the app reloads, causing me to wait for the reload instead of just going on. Maybe it is possible to disable it in preferences so we can choose if we want to use ‘instant’ compiling with Calypso or Gulp, or use the standard reloading from Mendix.


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Hi Lisa, I know they are looking into this.
This really needs to change to make MX9 viable from a front enders perspective.

I believe they are looking into making the reload work like calypso, or the ability to turn it off, and use external programs such as calypso or gulp :D