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Toggle showing the layout elements for pages


Hi everyone,


We have built ourselves a new layout and it has quite a lot of elements at the top and left side.
Unfortunately, this moves the actual main content quite far into the page.

I see how it can help to see the layout elements when building a page.
However, it would be nice to be able to toggle displaying / collapsing the layout elements.

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great idea :D 

be sure to vote on a ll the duplicates :D 

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Hi Geoffrey,

I sure can ;)

When building a page, you see the layout-stuff grayed out in the background. Usually you see things like the navigation, top / header bar and sometimes a footer.Now the thing is, we have quite some content in there. So basically, whenever opening a page, we have to scroll one screen down and a bit to the left to see the actual page content.

So what I was thinking of is some way to minimize or hide the layout elements for every page, so that you see the actual page content instead of the layout.


Hey Karl, can you describe your idea a bit further, i think there is a good idea here, but it is unclear for me :)