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Opensource the frontend widgets


Would it not be lovely if we could help Mendix grow?

Lots of us are able to create additions to Mendix, and love to create extras to prettify the UI or add some very useful extra functionality. And ever since Mx8 uses React in the frontend language, we certainly can take from the huge worldwide React library and add lots to the Mendix UI.

However, Mendix, including its frontend widgets, is not opensource therefor you will always have to start from scratch. See the DateSelector. Four great marketplace modules that each have their own specific added value and use cases, but have not been able to extend the existing dateselector. And we can certainly help with the new DataWidgets.

Mendix is great and growing in functionality. Would it not be lovely if we could help them grow?

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Not only frontend widgets, but even mxuijs and some apis in the editor,

Open source front-end widgets have brought us a lot of help. For example, we refer to data-grid2 and developed our own table control

In fact, we come from the largest mendix customer in China. When we use official controls, we often cannot meet the interactive experience and design needs of the Chinese people. We use the largest react ui library in China to encapsulate the mendix control

But there are still many places that cannot be satisfied. For example, we also want to implement the right-click in the editor in our own tabs widget, and there will be the function of Add tab page.
Even part of the prompt language in mxuijs is still English, we have to rewrite mxuijs

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