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Publish / Consume page snippets (Micro front ends)


It would be amazing to be able to share page snippets across apps.

Within my organization, as a developer, I would like to reuse Front end and UI components like Headers, forms, sections of a page that is owned, developed and maintained by another team. 

Micro front ends emitted from other Mendix apps that are placed in the main Mendix app as a foreign snippet with options like passing user to the snippet, using destination styling, etc.

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To re-use a module, you need to import the module and use it or modify it. For any updates to the module, you have to download a new version.

A micro front-end is not part of the code, you can't modify it. In the main app, it's a placeholder where the UI will be injected on runtime. In Studio pro, you should be able to configure a Deep link URL or snippet from another app as source (published in the other app) with the possibility of passing authentication / objects. If the snippet is updated in the other app, the main app shouldn't have to re-import it.

Like we publish entities via Catalog (data hub), we could publish UI snippets and re-use in other apps.


How is this different from creating modules in Mendix app 1 and 2, publishing them in the marketplace and importing the modules in the main app?