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Add align horizontally (justify-content) to layoutgrid rows


At the moment, layoutgrids already allow to align content in layoutgrids vertically (Top, Center, Bottom). This is based on the align-items from the flexbox. It would be useful if we could also use the justify-content (arranging items horizontally) properties of flexbox in layoutgrids. Part of the required CSS is already there as the classes row-left, row-center and row-right:

If you add those to a row, you can manipulate the row. It would be nice if also the space-around, space-evenly and space-between were added, as they are very useful in modern responsive websites. 

Not everybody knows these classes exist, so it would be best to add to the properties of layoutgrid row an ‘Justify columns horizontally’ option with the options left/center/right/space-between/space-evenly/space-around. 

The idea is based on the problem in

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should definitely be added to the default atlas core. 

but it’s also quite easy to add to your own design system: Design-properties.json




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      <insert custom classes>