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Layouts as parameter for modules


With the introduction of more complex UI configuration we got the ability to make design systems. While this works great for the modules created in a project or imported from the company app store, it becomes more difficult to use generic modules built by the wider community when they include pages. Often you end up changing the layout for the pages you use in your app. When you update the module, you often have to re-apply these changes.


What I would like to do is specify the layouts I need in my module as a set of input parameters. Any user of the module can then supply the project templates they are using, making my pages re-usable instantly. The mapping can be stored in the project and re-applied after an update of the module.


It would essentially be the opposite of a page template, the design is already made, it would have a requirement of a layout with a Main region and it would get the specific layout once the developer configures the page template used for my module.


This would allow me to create a consistent look and feel, even if I use pages from marketplace modules, while still ensuring for an easy upgrade process for those modules.

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