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Improve HTML dom of widgets that enable the usage of icons.


We're currently offered several elements in Mendix that allow the usage of icons on the widgets themselves.
I would like their HTML dom syntax to be updated.


The current situation:

<htmlElement><span ="icon-classes”></span>LabelText</htmlElement>

I would like to see this changed to

<htmlElement><i class="icon-classes”></i><span>LabelText</span></htmlElement</>

Where htmlElement is usually an <a> anchor or <button> in the current HTML dom.


The reason I would want this is because it gives more control over how these elements behave with CSS.
Meaning it's easier to differentiate colors between the icon and font. It's also possible to inverse their display order using flex row and row-reverse. And it would be easier to hide the icon or label based on responsiveness.

I would also like to re-iterate that I would like to overhaul the underlying HTML dom of mendix pages.

Any of these changes however would greatly impact the pre-existing applications built with Mendix. And therefor it would impact many customers styling.

Therefor a careful rollout plan should be provided. Where customers can opt-in to start using the new syntax.

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