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Example values for widgets


A competitive product to Mendix features “example” values for widgets. These greatly improve the WYSIWYG experience for page building, because what you see on the screen looks something like what you would get in the running app when it shows real data.

In Mendix, the “Design” view is usually not much use, because it shows a huge mess of text on the screen, like this:

Mendix would benefit from the idea of example values, so that instead of seeing all the placeholder text (which can often be much different size to real values), we would see something representative.

Example values should be part of a widget definition, such that there is something supplied with the widget, but it can also be changed when used.

This should also cover conditional visibility, so that we see a page with the right number of widgets displayed and not all possible widgets which would never be shown together

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Completely agree. The Studio Pro design experience could still use more love. Mendix seems to be slowly improving it, and hopefully with the deprecation of Studio (non-pro) they’re investing in it more heavily.