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Reactive update


I have noticed that visibility expressions are not automatically updated by Mendix. I am doing the intermediate domain modelling course and the match time display uses a visibility expression to make sure time is only shown during the match is on. However, the match time did not get shown when the system time passed the starting time, I had to navigate away from the screen and back to make it happen.


I understand that there are workarounds (periodically refreshing the context) however Mendix could provide platform level support for automatically reevaluating expressions, should any value referenced by an expression change. This is a pretty powerful concept, implemented for example by Svelte (frontend UI framework).


This could be applied to computed (derived) domain attributes as well. I think periodically refreshing context (for no reason), or computing stuff on the fly (regardless of no underlying change) is sub optimal, and completely against the very DNA of low-code, effortless approach.


Please consider adding complete UI reactivity using automatically reevaluted graphs of references, it would make Mendix so much more powerful.

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