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Add number formatting to language localization



Mendix lets you customize the date format freely, but the number format is tied to the language, and it cannot be changed. The requirement that we usually have is that the display language should be english, but the european number format should be used (period as thousands seperator, and comma as decimal seperator). Our initial workaround was to simply add German as a language, and assign it to all users. Since we hadn’t actually filled in German translations, the English texts were being displayed, but the desired German number format was displayed.

This seemed to work well, until we realized that the date picker widget was now dislpaying the month names in German… So our clever fix wasn’t so clever after all.


It would be great if Mendix could let you freely customize the number format for your entire app, the same way you can with dates, or add it to the language localization settings, and allow you to set the number format per language (which is now in the background, but is not accessible to us as a setting).

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This is indeed quite a problem. The only workaround seems to additionally store formatted numbers or use Microflows for display. This is for obvious reasons (maintainability, consistency, effort) not an option.