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Dynamic page size gallery widget


Currently you can only specify a fixed number of lines as page size in the gallery widget.


It would be fantastic if this could be dynamically adjusted.


Compare this with the advanced pagination widget where the user can indicate how many lines the page may consist of.


The reason why a user would want to set this up themselves is that one user works on a laptop with a small screen and sometimes a lower resolution, while another user has a large screen with a high resolution linked to a laptop. It is clear that the first user can fit fewer lines on a page than the second user. A good page size prevents scrolling to the navigation buttons to navigate to the next or previous page.


Yes, we can use the advanced pagination widget, but that involves quite a bit of extra configuration, styling and possibly performance issues.


If the page size can be dynamically adjusted in the gallery widget, this prevents a lot of hassle. Dynamic adjustability in the gallery widget fits seamlessly with the widget.


An example of how this could be done can be found in the screenshot below.


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good idea, especially to match it with different resolutions where some desktop vs tablet columns could 3 vs 2 and the total amount will be leave a empty spot. also being able to let the user choose this can be handy just as on some webshops where you can choose 12 items of 48 for example to have larger lists