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More options for page parameters


Currently its only possible to use objects as page parameters. It would be really useful to have the same options as in Microflows to pass for example strings as parameters:



UseCase 1:

If you want to show your own message popups with customized styling and icons etc. you can either duplicate the page for every message you want to show, which produces a lot of maintenance work. Or you use only one page and pass the message as a string parameter. Currently you need to create an additional object which has only that string as an attribute.


UseCase 2:

If you want to differentiate the caller of a page its handy to just pass a string as the source so that following actions on the page know from where it was opened. This is for example useful if you have multiple options for deleting an object and want to close the confirmation popup, sometimes you need to close 2 pages (when viewing the object itself on the page), sometimes only 1 page (when on a page with list of objects). Currently to do this you need to create a separate object in your domain model which has only a string attribute and pass this from the caller to the page. But this then requires a micro/nanoflow to call the page since a object needs to be created with dynamic content.


Enabling other parameter types for page parameters would solve those problems. For all types which are not object, or lists, even hardcoded or context object dependent values could be achieved.

Therefore this section on pages when calling other pages:



should be editable as it is in Microflows: image.png

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Yes, certainly!