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Add refresh page action to microflows


Currently we can refresh parts of the page by indicating "refresh in client" on an object change or commit. There are situations where refreshing the object you're changing doesn't actually refresh e.g. the datagrid with these items because they're inside another dataview. The solution now is to refresh other objects on the page, hoping that the part we're looking for joins along.

It would be great to have an action "refresh page" that just refreshes the actual page the user is looking at and all objects on it. This is also very handy if one change triggers changes in other objects on the page. 

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We have started with fundamentally updating our client towards a ReactJS client. An important part of this is how widgets are handling data. We are doing research on this part. Personally I rather see "refresh" actions to become obsolete and that Mendix handles this fully for you. However, we need to do research so check whether this is possible.