Navigation item conditional visibility

In the standard left hamburger navigation, is there a way to specify conditional visibility of the items based on an attribute of an entity associated to the account?   For example if I create a MyAppuser entity and associate it with the Administration.Account, and that MyAppuser has a certain field (e.g. category), is there a way I can hide or show an icon in that left menu based on this field? I need something with more freedom than simply being able to set a navigation profile based on UserRole. For example, that category field in the MyAppuser entity comes from a category entity with a many to many association to MyAppUser. A User can be assigned multiple categories on the fly by an admin so I’d like them to have certain icons based on the categories they’re assigned to. This isn’t something I can do with a UserRole because categories can be added on the fly.    If this can’t be done, can anyone recommend a way to replace this nav bar with something from the App Store?
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We have created a navigation non persistent object that contains the booleans of all the navigation items the user is allowed to see. In the layout this container is filled by a microflow that creates the non persistent object and sets the booleans. And based on these booleans we set conditional visibilty on each of the items. This way each user can have it’s own navigation.