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Hi, i have a question concerning themes of apps from the app store. I built an app using the Atlas TopBar theme. I am using a module from the app store (Excel Importer). That module is using the Topbar theme. Evidently when i switch from pages of my app to the module of the excel importer module i get different themes which looks not really good. To solve that problem i copied the layout of the top layer from Atlas TopBar theme to the top layer of the Topbar theme from the module. However the display of the header area look broken and i dont know why. Or is there a better way to change the theme of a module from the app store? Can somebody help me with this?
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As a rule, you should change modules downloaded from the app store.  If you do, you’ll have rework / issues if you need to upgrade a module.

Most modules provide snippets of important page elements you’ll need in order to use the module.  You can then include snippets on pages you create in one of your modules using the styling you are currently using.  Unfortunately, Excel Importer is not one of these.  What I do with Excel Importer is copy the TabContainer from the ExcelImportOverview page in the module.  Then I create a page in one of my modules (with appropriate theming) and paste that TabContainer onto the page I just created.  This new page that I create is the page I use to manage the Excel Importer module.

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Hi Mike,

that works like a charm, thanks a lot!