Calypso processing SCSS files that have been removed.

Hello everyone, I've ran into a problem where a training developer added an scss file to our project containing the code: body{ background-color: black; margin-right: 100px; } Which as you can imagine changed more than our trainee wanted to change. I've since removed this file and the reference to it in the _custom.scss file, however whenever I start calypso now it still somehow processes the code and adds it to the main.css and files. Wrecking the entire layout of the app. This leads me to have to restore the main.css and files with tortoise SVN. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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So Calypso is still running fine. Any change you make does end up on your site like it has always done. Ok.

One possible cause is that have you only removed part of what your training developer has added. There is a good chance that he has also added this code at another location that you have not yet removed.

And there is always overriding it with your own extra code marked with the !important escape, but being a professional you of course do not have to use that.


Thanks guys, finally found it.

The little basterd added this class to the bottom of the main.scss file aswell where i never tought to look :)


Also try to clean and rebuild the project directory


Just to be sure, you changed/removed this part in the project root folder > theme > styles > sass and not in deployment > web > styles > sass ?