dynamically add rows in data-view onclick of add button

hey,  I have one add button in my grid if we click on that button then it will add one row below the button and if we click that add button another time then it will one more row and so on multiple times. I develop these functionality in jquery and html like these   If I click on add button then it add one more row below the text box. if we click add button one more time then it add one more row. if we click on multiple time then multiple text-boxes will be added How can I do it in Mendix.
1 answers
  1. you must have one entity Insurance (For example)
  2. you must add one more entity AdditionalInsuredDetails which is associated with Insurance (So, 1 insurance has multiple AdditionalInsuredDetails
  3. In a page, add dataview for Insurance and add button in the dataview
  4. Add editable list view with AdditionalInsuredDetails and the details you want to show editable
  5. When you click the button call the microflow, create a new AdditionalInsuredDetails object and associate with Insurance object and refresh Insurance object, so you see the newly added object