How to append dynamic image in the document.

Hii I taken sign from user and gives upload button for uploading image on page and which is working fine then I want to append this image in my document so how can I do that. I have one button upload sign on my page and if we click on that it call one microflow which commit personalSign object and shows image on page   and I have one generate document button if I click on that button then it generate document , I have document template in my project which shows data over document . I taken one data view in document template personalSign then taken one table in that data view after taking table I take dynamic Image viewer but there is no any option to select dynamic image in connecter.   If I didnt take dynamic image viewer then it show like these in connector   so how to select image which associated with my original document.
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Is the PersonSign entity a specialization of System.Image?  If so, when you place the Dynamic Image Viewer in the document template, look at the properties of the Dynamic Image Viewer.  In the properties you will have the ability to select the entity for the Dynamic Image Viewer.  You should select PersonSign.

If PersonSign is not a specialization of System.Image, you will need to make it a specialization of System.Image.