Unable to retrieve list for the Bootstrap multi-select feature

HI Experts,    I have successfully configured the Bootstrap multi-select widget and also added the retrieve microflow for the values to be listed based on selection in the reference set. However, the list is not getting retrieved even after adding the microflow and also the “Refresh Client” feature on the update Activity used to update the list. Can you please assist?
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Hi Anirudh,

If its a reference set than it should work as long as the reference data available. Please can you confirm you have reference data available to show in the list? If yes than can you please you update your question and share your widget configuration and microflow screenshots?

I use this widget in many projects and it works as expected, I think its just configuration issue. 



The problem is your XPath in he microflow. As per your screenshot it is expected to show empty list because in the XPath you are saying to only retrieve selected objects but there is no selection made yet. So remove the XPath and you should be fine. I think you don't even need a microflow as data source if you just want to retrieve the list, you can use data source as XPath instead.  

I am not sure why you added screenshot of reference selector as this is irrelevant, multi-select widget only works with many to many association (reference set). If you make a selection using reference selection this will not update reference set association as they are two different associations. 


Hope this helps!


Hi Mohammed,


At first, the reference selector is



Now the bootstrap multi-select configuration



The domain model


So the steps are:

  1. I try to select defined values from the reference set.
  2. The bootstrap multi-select should retrieve values from the reference set (here is the problem) for which I want to make a multi-selection. The retrieve microflow is as well configured to retrieve the values. However they dont function.

The error at that point what I get is.





HI Mohammed,


Thank you for the update.

Well! I did the same configuration in an other project and the functionality works absolutely fine.

However, When I replicated the method in my current project, it throws up an error.

I select the value from the reference set which then has to populate the sub-values of the previously selected value in the reference.


If a blank is selected, I understand that there should be no list to be shown. However, upon selecting any value, the sub-values are never shown (the drop down for the multi-select never is displayed). The error is captured in the console.



The field is just highlighted. But nothing works as a drop down.

I have implemented the same solution in my other projects as mentioned.


What is the meaning of this error?

Cannot read property 'loggedIn' of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property 'loggedIn' of undefined
    at http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:51:31467
    at u (http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:12:64059)
    at Generator._invoke (http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:12:63847)
    at Generator.A.<computed> [as next] (http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:12:64481)
    at t (http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:12:4513)
    at i (http://localhost:8087/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/SprintrFeedbackWidget.js?637335274005924177:12:4723)