AQM: Alternative for zipped theme

In version 7 we used to zip our themes which also made them not show up in the AQM score. In version 8 the zipped theme is no longer in use. This gets punished by AQM with approximately 0,4 points deduction. AQM reports lots of issues in the theming, which are not realy part of our code. Is there a way around this?
2 answers

You can ask SIG to do this: they can exclude things from the stats on request.

We are currently in the process of doing so for one of our clients.


At SIG we aim to score code that you really maintain. We do not wan to rate code that is generated or untouched boiler plate code.

What we can do is exclude the /theme/ directory from all but one app containing the house style.

We do think that you should be aware of the maintainability issues inside the theme directory.