Navigation menu not update when opening a page from Home-page

When your app has multiple pages you can setup both the navigation-menu and home page to open those pages. If you open a page from the Navigation menu, the (blue) highlight ‘moves’ with you from the Home-item to the page you opened. If you do the same from the Home-page then the new page is opened, but the Home-item on the navigation-menu remains highlighted in blue instead of the item for the page that was just opened. From what I understand these are two separate actions. Is there any way to update the Navigation-menu when you open a page form the Home-page? Below is a screenshot from the “LearnNow Trainings Management”-app from one of the Learning Paths. In this I've opened "Course” page from the Home-page and the Navigation-menu still highlights the Home-item and not the Course-item (the one with the book).
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Hi Marco,

I think you can use Navigation Item Selector widget from app store to achieve your desired outcome. 


Hope this helps!


Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for your suggestion. It indeed looks like it will do what I want.

Unfortunately I was not able to get it working. :(

And also.. since then I have moved to the top-bar for navigation, and the current version of Navigation Item Selector does not support top-bar navigation.

Anyway… many, many thanks for your help.