Edit styling of dataview footer

Hi all, When using a standard Atlas Ui app the dataview widget has a footer with a horizontal line at the top. I want this line to be gone, but normally I do not do a lot with styling. So I found out i have to edit the custom.js, in order to overrule the styling in core widgets. However I can't find a dataview.js file. Is thera a UI guru who can point me in the right direction (and maybe even give me the code for custom.js to delete the line :)). Or is there a standard class with no line? Kind regards, Martin
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Ok Martin, so this border is from coming from the default file ‘theme\styles\web\sass\core\widgets\dataview.scss > line 21’

You should not alter this file because it gets overwritten when upgrading Atlas. Instead copy the file to theme\styles\web\sass\app\dataview.scss’ and delete all the style in it except this

.mx-dataview {
    .mx-dataview-controls {
     border-top: none; //This is what overrides the default styling

Open ‘custom.scss’ in the same folder and add the import statement ‘@import "dataview";’

Download Koala or Calypso and use it to complile your new CSS file.