Keeping a list of GUI attribute changes

Hello!  I have a page where I want to keep a temporary list of changed attributes, in order to send a REST API call later. The microflow is called in OnChange, but the list does not survive.   Now the UserInputTask object stays in memory, but the associated TaskChanges not. I think it does not have to be a persistable object right? It should only be kept as long as the page is open. I thought I create the TaskChanges object in a microflow if it is empty, but it is always empty when I come into it.  The microflow is triggered by attribute OnChange action (here in the screenshot is only the object creation, not the adding in the list, that comes later). I have similar observations if I try to associate UserI   After setting the reference the RetrieveObject action delivers the object, but the next time the OnChange is triggered, its empty again.   Regards, Raimund  
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Not exactly on topic, but are you aware that for a persisten entity you can compare a changed object with its committed version? Do a retrieve from database with xpath [id=$myobject] and you retrieve the persisted version.

Also, you may want to look at the audit trail appstore component, this compares objects using java to detect changes since the last commit.

I hope this helps.