Setting color of menu item that loses focus

Hi all, I have an issue with the background colors of my topbar navigation. I have changed the font and colors using the advanced custom variables. This all works fine except for one thing. When a menu item has no subitems and it is the item that is currently selected the background is black. However, when you click anywhere else in the page the background of the menu item turns grey, but it should remain black. Menu items that have subitems do remain black. I have tried altering every single variable in the navigation section of _variables.scss by copying it into _custom-variables.scss, while checking with calypso, but nothing seems to influence this.   Does anyone know how to fix this? Regards, Martin
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Hello, have you tried inspecting the menu item when the background color turns to grey? There is some kind of styling which is overwriting the colors set by the variables, which is easiest to find by using the inspector of your preferred browser.