How to control the visibility of layout grid columns by using dynamic classes?

Hello, Mendix 8.14.0 introduced a new feature “Dynamic Classes” which can dynamically style a widget. I’m trying to use this feature to control the visibility of layout grid columns but without success. As shown below, I add a layout grid under a data view and create an expression in Dynamic classes property. The expected result is the columns of layout grid will show or hide based on the check box is checked or not.   Using the same approach can change the class of layout grid. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for the column of layout grid. I have tried Mendix 8.15.2 and 16.0  
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Hi Marty,

Maybe the issue is that hiding a column in a layoutgrid is not possible with ‘hide’. I tried it myself and it was not working for me either.

I’ve good experience with dynamic classes, by the way, for me it works fine.

I tried it out with the dynamic class setting on a container and that worked. See below: