Does Data grid provide the following options

Hello Team, We are doing a PoC for one of the projects and we faced the following issue with the data grid so need help to finalize if this Mendix solution feasible for the project requirement.  We have a requirement to show a data grid with more than 20 fields, with the following requirement but i could not find the easy solution from the documentation, so need help to understand first if this feasible if so how. As we are showing more than 20 columns does the data grid allow to show the sidebar at the bottom so that the user can move left or right to find the required columns to update? Is that possible to show the date picker for one of the columns in the data grid? Is the possible to show a cell color like red/blue/yellow based on one of the other column value?   Thank you so much for your help, this will help propose the solution with Mendix to our customer            
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In order, answers to your questions:
1. Yes, the datagrid can be scrolled horizontally. For example the following css: max-width: 80hw; overflow-x: scroll;
2. Whether the datagrid is editable is configurable for the entire datagrid. Edit-ability of columns is determined based on user access rights (read or write).
3. It is not possible to apply dynamic styling. You can show a different icon in the row using an enumeration but that is about it. Your only option is using javascript (would not recommend) or to use a listview. (templategrid is not editable)
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Dear Andrej thanks for your quick answer, do we have an option to show the date picker for a date attribute in the data grid if the attribute is a date field? if so how can we do that?