Trying to Insert Customized Mendix UI Framework to Project - Not Working

Hello All,  I created a custom theme through the Mendix UI Framework application. I downloaded the mendix.theme zip file and attempted to apply this to the “Project Settings” to the “Theme ZIp FIle” (below). And I am wondering two things; 1. What should the “ UI Resource Package” be? and 2. Why when I apply my theme is it showing up like what is pictured in the 2nd & 3rd photo below when run locally, and does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this. It looks as though it has pushed all of my Apps contents down. There is a large blank space when scrolling down the page in screenshots 2 and 3.   I am running 8.16.0   Here is what my App looked like before inserting the theme:   Thank you!
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Make sure to place the .zip file in theme folder of your project directory. In the modeller, map the respected Theme ZIP file and click OK and then synchronize the project by pressing F4.Run the app and check once