Search bar for a different type of search and not list view

I am trying to add a search bar so I can: Style it according to the design Later add the necessary functionality based on the requirements It does not need to be attached to any list view. There is a way these built in widgets force you to use what is out of the box even though it may not be what you want. How can I add a search option to a page and for the mean time only focus on the design aspect and still be able to run it in the browser without being forced to attach entities, attributes and functionality.  I may choose to focus on whipping up the design and later add the functionality. My issue here is I get a bunch of errors where by I need to add this and that for the errors to go away. So I created some dummy entities accordingly. Tried to run and in the browser it shows: This widget is unable to find a list view with the supplied entity……. and the search itself is no where to be seen. I have had a look at: Do I need to build a custom widget in this case…. It would be nice if there is some sort of flexibility provided with these widgets where by one can use one and be abe to see it how it would look without full implementation of functionality. Please see images below:
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