css scale for popup

Does anybody have idea on changing scale of popup layout with CSS? Which CSS should I control? I want my popup context size to be 67% but keeping the size of popup. ↓how I wanted. ↓ what I’ve currently got with customizing CSS.     Here is what Ive found,  some popup related CSS in _modals.scss and _mxui.scss. 
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If you open up inspector and click on the window that you want to have enlarged, where does the inspector tell you that the height is based on? I opened a popup and tried to find the element and found that mx-dataview-content got the job done:

modal-dialog → modal-content → modal-body → modal-placeholder → row ->mx-dataview → mx-dataview-content

I have set all of these to height 800px, then it worked. Maybe you only need mx-dataview-content, when it is inside its parent classes of course. We don’t want to mess it up anywhere else.