Change data grid selected row colours

Hi all, I’ve been having difficulty changing the colours of the selected row on the datagrid widget. The dark grey doesn’t give high enough contrast for my app so I’m trying to change it to be green. I’ve seen a few similar questions on this topic on the forum but they are all for earlier versions and I’m having difficulty applying them to Mendix 8.17.0, which is what I’m using at the moment. I’ve tried copying the variable from _styles/web/sass/core/variables.scss_ to _../app/\_custom-variables.scss_ and changing it there, as the README inside the theme folder suggests, but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference. I also tried installing the Atlas UI Reference / Custom Styling App but it is for Mendix 7 and didn’t work with my Mendix 8.17.0 app.  I’m unsure what to try next and would greatly appreciate any advice or pointers people may be able to give.  Thank you!
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The selected row get's it color from the datagrid.scss file.

There is a part were it is set like this:
            &.selected td,
            &.selected:hover td {
                color: $grid-selected-color;
                background-color: $grid-bg-selected !important;

The $grid-bg-selected is a variable which is set  in the custom variables.scss

By changing it there into the color code you want and compiling the sass with calypso( or another sass compiler. The change will be in place.

Note: you could also directly change the color code within the datagrid.scss file, you lose the advantages of the variable however.