How can we make all text in a website editable by Admins?

Hi All, The requirement is to enable admins of a website to be able to edit text displayed on landing pages and other parts of website which keeps on changing. They should be able to add text wherever they want and edit and remove it as well, without using Studio Pro. Is there a way to do that?
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You can implement a separate “admin panel” page. Use security settings so that only admin users are able to access that page inside the application. 
Now for all the text sections you want to make dynamically editable, create a wrapper entity that works to hold string attributes for all those texts. For example, you have an entity with string attributes for HomeHeaderText, HomeDetailText etc. 
Then on your pages use a dataview of that wrapper entity, inside that dataview you can use text widgets to show messages from this entity

  • At application startup, create a single object of that text wrapper entity. If it already exists, do nothing. Now when you open pages, just retrieve first object of this entity from database and pass to your pages. You can also set default messages at the time of creating first object
  • In admin panel page, provide a form to edit all these string attributes