Text box Label Alignment completely messed up in DataView on LayoutNewton template

Hello everyone,   I have imported the Layout Newton and performed the steps are mentioned, after this, the alignment of Text box with the label on my DataView is completely messed. Is there any solution to this ? . Under the settings for DataView → General → Form Orientation, when I change it to vertical, it is fine, but when horizontal, this is completely messed up. Does anyone have a solution to this, for the horizontal setup. (see screenshot below for problem) ? ..          Thanks in advance   Greetings Jasper Lawrence      
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Hey Jasper,

looks like the width of your fields + label makes the total width larger than the available width of your screen. Try inspecting the element of the field and see if you might need to shorten the label.

A quick fix can be to try and shorten the input fields by using a class or layoutgrid to shorten it.

A tip from UX point of view is to use the vertical allignment, because this often is beneficial for the readability of your form.


Hi Geoffrey,


I tried reducing the label field. I used the vertical alignment, but the use case is with the horizontal alignment, we are replacing the layouts for a project and applying the Layout Newton, to get the Siemens Look and Feel. Only other way so far, we have noticed, is to use Text widget as Label and remove the Label from Text box widgets. This is a lot of effort, as they have too many properties. As am not an UX expert, if by any chance, you come across a UI setting that would fix this, please do let me know, it could be very helpful. 


Thanks in advance



Jasper Lawrence