How to implement step wizard form?

I have checked the templates that provide steps form page. What I understand from it till now is: if you have to create a 3 steps form, then 3 separate pages will be required Can adjust the on click actions of next and back button to navigate between steps and on each step, set the active step class on step number In the above implementation, if we want the steps wizard to be inside a modal, then how to move between the pages/steps? If we open next step, the previous modal needs to be closed because if it is not closed, then it will remain there when you close the page of last step. Closing current page and opening next on each step causes a delay in switching the pages and it looks like a flicker (a page closes, then another opens up) How to achieve smooth transition of pages in a modal based steps wizard?
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Hey Umar, 

If you want to do this in a model page within a Mx 7.x project, you could use a widget like EnumClass to set the correct CSS class to the container depending on the wizard status for that step. You then have to store the progress (active, finished, new) in an enum and connect the corresponding CSS classes to it, so that the CSS class will be set dynamically.

If you work in a 8.x project you can use ‘dynamic classes’ of a container object to set the CSS class based on an enumeraton or any expression and you would not need any widget.