Topbar and Sidebar CSS Overlapping Issue

Hello, I am trying to create a page layout where the top bar and the side bar exist  together without interfering with one another. As you can see below, the top bar is overlapping my fixed sidebar menu. How can I get this to stop happening? These are the properties of the side bar and the styling that I added to it:   These are the properties of the top bar container:   How can I edit the styling so that the top and side bars meet without disrupting one another?  I’m running version 8.18.1 Thanks in advance.
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Hi Keara, you do not need to change the navigation widget but sidebar in the scroll container of the layout. From the sidebar properties you need to change the toggle mode and set it to none. 

Then from the scroll container widget, you need to switch layout mode to Headline for the header on top.

Hope this helps