Auto Compile + Hot-reload on mac (through parallels) Mx9

Hi all, Did anyone have some success with the new auto SASS compile on mac emulated through parallels within Mendix 9? Hot-reload seems to work fine on my windows desktop, but on my macbook through parallels emulations it only updates based on a full mendix reboot. which is not that convenient. (tested it with the same project branch on a native windows and mac thought parallels). also kinda miss the calypso loophole of porting the 8080 port form the emulation to my mac browser (:1111) might need to update to parallels pro now to directly use the localhost ports of windows (or start using GULP again). Mendix Version: 9.0.5 Mac version: 10.15.7 Parallels: 15 Hope someone has a solution as plenty people use Mendix through parallels as I am aware of. Thanks in advance!
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